Reiki Protocols for Cancer

Whether you or your clients are receiving allopathic or natural medicine for treatment of cancer, Reiki or any energy modality can be helpful in getting the body back into balance to create a healing effect. In this workshop you learn specific protocols for using Reiki or any energy modality to address:

Tumors, Cysts, Neuropathy, Nausa, Constipation, Low Blood and Platelet counts, Lymphedema, Pain, Blood Clots, and more. We discuss how Reiki can help before and after surgery, during treatments, and recovery after treatments are complete. All of these stages are important and Reiki can help to accelerate the healing process. We also discuss how often you should do sessions as well as how to give feedback to your clients. Course includes over four hours of recordings and many handouts and resources.

We discuss techniques for hands on and for sending energy at a distance for clients with cancer.

I have worked with many clients with cancer to include breast, lung, colon, prostate, skin, liver, kidney, pancreatitic and ovarian. In many cases, the clients went into permanent remission. Reiki is great for helping to lessen the side effects of chemo and radiation. It can also help those who are in the process of leaving to pass in peace.

"“The day after using the protocols learned in this class, my client's stomach pain associated with surgery and side effects from cancer treatments went away and his energy came back. He was feeling so well, he went back to work that week. This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!" ~Reiki Master Halee Lynch

"Thank You, Dawn for sharing these Powerful Reiki Protocols for Cancer. Again, more of the Truths You have proven effective through experience have been Illuminating! You gave us many Big takeaways to incorporate into our Reiki practice. Following the outline you presented along with the wealth of references and Staying Neutral to outcomes, has proven very effective for the "3" clients I am currently sending Reiki to. Reports of Renewed Energy, feelings of Hope for the Best outcome and general Peace with their body have been received."

~Christine Hackley, Reiki Practitioner

Your Instructor

Dawn Fleming
Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming is a Chakra/Energy expert. She has been working in the field of energy medicine as a holistic health practitioner and teacher since 1992. Dawn is a Usui, and Karuna™ Reiki Master/Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach and Author. She is the Director and lead instructor of Energy Transformations School of Energy Healing. Dawn has been teaching Reiki, Dowsing, Medical Intuition, Hara Line Repair and a variety of other energy classes nationwide.

Dawn has been helping clients and students to unblock their life and to live to their fullest potential. She teaches a variety of on-line and classroom workshops in community colleges and hospitals, as well as leads retreats. She has clients all over the US, Canada, England, Belgium, India, and the Philipines.

Dawn is a positive, love-centered, Master energy healer, that is here to raise the vibration on our planet.

She is an award winning author of several; books that include: Start, Grow and Expand Your Holistic Health Business, Teaching Workshops Effectively, Mastering Reiki with a DVD Mastering Reiki, and Heat Rising: Survive and Thrive through Menopause, and Reiki I and II Manuals that teachers can make copies of for their students, Her website is

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