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You will learn how to focus your intuitive gifts to read the body.

Increase you intuitive skills. Learn how to focus your intuitive gifts with accessing and assessing information from your client’s body. Learn how to communicate with the body.

We will cover in person and distance scanning techniques. How to access someone at a distance.

Reading the physcial body, emotional and mental bodies, scanning the auric field and the room.

The different types of information you might come across while doing a MI reading.

Tips for increasing your intuitive abilities.

Your body as a dowsing tool. How you receive intuitive information.

Dowsing tools and using them in an intuitive reading.

How we block our intuitive gifts.

Working with your guides, angels, and doctor guides in a session.

Delivering the information to clients.

Marketing Medical Intuitive practice.
This is a very experiential class. Participants will be taught different techniques so they can experience and find those that work with their intuitive skill set. You will have the opportunity to practice in class and outside class and receive feedback.
After the class is completed, each student will have a 30 minute zoom session to explore how they can personally expand their intuitive gifts. If you are interested in taking this workshop email me at reikidawn at To sign up for the next offering go to

Your Instructor

Dawn Fleming
Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming is a Chakra/Energy expert. She has been working in the field of energy medicine as a holistic health practitioner and teacher since 1992. Dawn is a Usui, and Karuna™ Reiki Master/Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach and Author. She is the Director and lead instructor of Energy Transformations School of Energy Healing. Dawn has been teaching Reiki, Dowsing, Medical Intuition, Hara Line Repair and a variety of other energy classes nationwide.

Dawn has been helping clients and students to unblock their life and to live to their fullest potential. She teaches a variety of on-line and classroom workshops in community colleges and hospitals, as well as leads retreats. She has clients all over the US, Canada, England, Belgium, India, and the Philipines.

Dawn is a positive, love-centered, Master energy healer, that is here to raise the vibration on our planet.

She is an award winning author of several; books that include: Start, Grow and Expand Your Holistic Health Business, Teaching Workshops Effectively, Mastering Reiki with a DVD Mastering Reiki, and Heat Rising: Survive and Thrive through Menopause, and Reiki I and II Manuals that teachers can make copies of for their students, Her website is

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